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Breaking Barriers: The Ongoing Quest for Haemophilia Understanding and Treatment

Beyond the Veins: Unraveling the Mysteries of Haemophilia Hemophilia, a rare genetic disorder, stands as a testament to the intricate complexity of our circulatory system. Nestled within the genetic code, the anomalies that give rise to hemophilia disrupt the process of coagulation, making even minor injuries potentially life-threatening.  However, the ongoing pursuit of therapeutic breakthroughs …

Donate Blood And Save Lives


Blood donation is a vital act that can save lives. When someone donates blood, they are giving a valuable resource to those who need it most. Fatimid Foundation, the best blood donation organization,

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World Blood Donor Day

It was wonderful ceremony of World Blood Donor Day led by Deputy Commissioner Khairpur. He is very keen to help out regarding poor patients of Thalassemia. Let me thanks to our blood donor drive partner Agro Sukkur Team who participated generously.

Inauguration of Regional Blood Center in Karachi

Sindh Minister for Health, Dr. Azra Fazal Pechuho, and His Excellency Mr. Eugen Wollfarth, Consul General of the Federal Republic of Germany inaugurated the German funded Regional Blood Centre in Karachi. Dignitaries present included Mr. Christian Kraemer, Regional Director KfW, Frankfurt, Mr. Wolfgang Moellers, Director KFW Pakistan. Dr. Masuma Zaidi, Senior Coordinator, KFW Pakistan, Lt. …

Signing ceremony of PSO

Agreement Signing Ceremony between PSO CSR TRUST and Fatimid

A signing ceremony took place at PSO House Karachi on August 01, 2019 between PSO CSR Trust and Fatimid Foundation for financial support from PSO CSR Trust to Fatimid Foundation to purchase Colour Doppler System For Chorionic Villus Sampling and Echo Cardiography.


Hadron Solar conducts Blood Donation drive with Fatimid

Hadron Solar organized its first blood donation initiative in cooperation with Fatimid Foundation. The blood donation drive took place in Hadron Solar’s head office in Lahore, encouraging staff members to donate blood to save lives of children suffering from Thalassemia. For more info, click here. Images courtesy: The AZB