Organization's Profile

Date of Registration of Trust May 05, 1978
Date of Incorporation of Emergency Medical Service. February 12, 1980
Date of Incorporation of Blood Bank and Hematological Services March 04, 1984
Registered/Head Office  393 Britto Road, Garden East, Karachi -74800, Pakistan.
Board of Trustees. 












1. President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Patron – in – Chief   


2. Lt. General (Retd.) Moinuddin Haider, Chairman, Fatimid Foundation.


3. Dr. Waleed Bin Azhar, Chief Operating Officer and Secretary of the Trust.


4. Dr. Abdul Ghaffar Billoo, Professor of Paediatric , Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi.


5. Dr. Muhammad Khursheed,  Professor of Haematology and former Dean, Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi.


6. Arif Habib, Chairman, Arif Habib Investment Securities Co. Limited, Karachi.


7. Taher A. Khan, Chief Executive, Interflow Communications Pvt. Limited, Karachi.


8. S. M. Muneer, Chairman, Din Group of Industries, Karachi and Vice Chairman Muslim Commercial Bank Limited.


9. Seema Taher A. Khan,  Creative Director, Interflow Communications Pvt Limited., Karachi.


10. Dr. Tufail Muhammad Khan,  President, Pakistan Pediatric Association, Peshawar.


11. Nasreen M. Kasuri, Chief Executive, Beaconhouse School System, Lahore.


12. Dr. Amir Muhammad Khan Jogezai, Assistant Professor Paediatric, Bolan Medical College, Quetta.


13. Shahid Sethi, Honorary Consul General, Mauritius, Lahore.


14. Khalid Sultan Khwaja,  Managing Director, Tariq Sultan & Company, Peshawar. 


15. Tanveer Ahmed Shaikh,  Managing Director, Maqbool Textile Mills Ltd., Multan. 

16. Sardar M. Yaseen Malik, Chairman, Hilton Pharma (Pvt) Ltd., Karachi.

17. Brig ® Agha Gul

18. Maqbool Ahmed Memon, Chairman, Sindh Grammer School, Hyderadad.

19. Sheikh Ahsan Rashid, Chief Executive Officer, Hafeez Ghee & General Mills, Multan.

20. Dr. Muhammad Farooq Memon, Chairman, Red Crescent society, Hyderabad.


21. Jalil Tareen, FCA England and Wales, FCA ICAP. 


Karachi - Estb. 1978


Lahore - Estb. 1986


Peshawar - Estb. 1988

Multan - Estb. 1991

Quetta - Estb. 2006

Hyderabad - Estb. 2007


Rashidabad - Estb. 2009


Khairpur - Estb. 2012

Registered Patients.  (14,000 + all Pakistan basis)
In-house Technology. CMIA + MEIA Systems – Abbott Laboratories, USA and ROCHE and Diagnostic
Inhouse Facilities.

 -  Processed blood component – Washed Packed Red Cells, Packed Red Cell, Fresh Frozen Plasma, Cryoprecipitate, Cryo Supernantent, Platelets and Whole Blood.

- Physiotherapy, Ultrasound, Coagulation test, Electrophoresis test and Diagnostic lab.

- 112 bedded facility with over 175 custom made chairs for blood transfusion of genetic blood disorder patients.


Contribution to Society.

- The Largest Blood Bank & Hematological Services providing free of charge transfusion to poor & needy patients.

The first blood bank in Pakistan to introduce the concept of voluntary non-remurerated blood donation and discourage professional donors.

- The first organization to start up a Thalassaemia & Hematological -Service under one roof.

- Provided approx 3.000 million units of screened blood and blood products since inception.

Collecting and Distributing approx 100,000+ units of blood and blood components annually from healthy voluntary donors.

Land Marks.  Visit of Dr. Edward Tuddenham,

Prof. of Haemostasis, 1984, 1985 & 2007

Royal free Hospital, London, England.<

Visit of Dr. Bernadette Modell

Consultant in Perinatal Medicine 1985

University College Hospital, London, England.

Visit of Dr. Mary Petrou,

University College Hospital, London, England. 1985

Visit of Dilip Kumar, Indian film actor. 1988

Visit of Shabana Azmi, Indian film actress & Javed Akhtar Indian Poet. 1999

Product Lines. - Blood Management.

- Sponsor a Child

- Donation and Zakat

- Event Management.

- Sale of Hides and Skins.


Allied Bank of Pakistan

Bank Al Habib Limited

Faisal Bank

Habib Bank Limited

Habib Metropolitan Bank Limited

Meezan Bank Limited

National Bank of Pakistan

Soneri Bank Limited

The Bank of Punjab

United Bank Limited

Auditors and Management Consultant

A.F.Ferguson & Co. - PwC, Chartered Accountants