Vision , Mission and Values



  • To maintain and project Fatimid Foundation on the world map.
  • To strengthen our leading position in thalassaemia management.
  • To shape the blood banking and haematological sector by integrating test results and medical information.
  • To provide awareness and prevention of thalassaemia in Pakistan so as to support decision makers and superior patient management.




  • To provide first class quality blood banking and haematological services safely & competitively to mustahiq patients and the community at large.
  • To ensure the use of FDA/CE approved high quality material and equipments for the treatment of thalassaemia, haemophilia and other genetic blood disorders.
  • To achieve managerial & technical excellence in the field of blood banking & haematological services.
  • To engage professional manpower in the field of blood banking and haematological services.
  • To provide in house and off site training and development to staff in all functional areas.
  • To ensure complete transparency, good governance and management practices as a non profit organisation.



Core Values

  • Cohesion and trust - To change the structure and its operations to concentrate expertise and capacity to prepare for growth strong strategy and team work to come together in an honest and cohesive manner.
  • Hope and Purpose - To bring about  hope to our patients to lead a normal life and if they could hug each one of them and let them know how much they mean to Fatimid Foundation and their families.
  • Connected - Consolidation cooperation and affiliation to fulfill our mission
  • Leadership - To bring together the benefit of a lean and effective centralised support structure and close to the donor and patients decision making authority through the Board of Trustees.
  • Together - Bring communities together to promote blood donation and transfusion which is at the heart of what we do